How to buy?

We can send Your purchase worldwide. If you want to pay with PayPal please contact us. 

You liked the item and You want to buy it?

1. Press  "add to cart".

2. You will see a table, select  "continue shopping" if You want to add more products or "Checkout". Also You can manage Your cart in the Cart menu on the upper left.

3. Don’t want to register? Then press to continue.

4. Fill all fields of contact information then press “next step”.

5. Fill all fields of address information. The shipping address may be different then buyer’s address. All items will be shipped to that address. Then select “next step”.

6. Press “save”

7. In payment method select “Money transfer” or PayPal. Also You can leave a message to the seller. Check the checkbox ant press “Place order”.

8. You will receive an e-mail with our bank account information.(“Money transfer”). We will send Your purchase immediately after we receive Your payment.

You can find more information in "Contacts".

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