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Set - Greece

CODE: V000232

27.55 (28)
Silver plated / Violet

Silver plated set: earrings and necklace, Tibet silver, garnet

Set - Gold autumn

CODE: V000280

18.84 (19)
In stock
Silver plated / Brown
Set - Gold autumn, Silver plated, sun stone.

Set - Global

CODE: V000109

13.11 (13)   10.00 (10)
In stock
Silver plated / Brown

Set - Freshwater pearls

CODE: V000410

15.95 (16)
Silver plated / Grey
Set - Freshwater pearls, Freshwater pearls bracelet and earrings. Tibet silver, silver plated features.

Set - Frankincence

CODE: V000244

14.50 (15)
In stock
Silver plated / Orange
Nephrite, carnelian, cat eye, agate, glass. Silver plated.

Set - Forget-me-not

CODE: V000757

10.00 (10)
In stock
Silver plated / Blue

Set - Forget-me-not, Bracelet and earrings. Silver plated findings, Tibetan silver, glass, crystals

Set - Fire in the night

CODE: V000349

11.60 (12)
In stock
Silver plated / Red
Set - Fire in the night, Bracelet and earrings. Howlite, onyx, glass.

Set - Fast decision

CODE: V000793

11.59 (12)
Silver plated / Red

Set - Fast  decision, Bracelet and earrings, glass, Tibetan silver, silver plated findings.

Set - Farness

CODE: V000236

10.44 (10)
In stock
Silver plated / Blue
Nephritis, crystals, Tibet silver, silver plated.

Set - Color of autumn

CODE: V000842

7.83 (8)
Silver plated / Brown

Set - Color of autumn, Earrings and pendant without chain. Agate, glass, silver plated findings.

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